You’ll be sorry you asked.


What would you be doing if you weren’t makin’ shit up (.com)?
An excellent and yet still terrible question, because you’re going to be subjected to the unadulterated truth. In no particular order, my time is divided among these categories:


If I could sleep for 16 hours a day and be awake for 8, that would suit me just fine.


I really love eating. Which sort of stands in the way of my diet plan. That’s probably why I haven’t lost any more weight since I stalled out after losing 30lbs last year.

Makin’ Shit Up.

Somebody’s got to make with the funny around here. Or try to. Whatever. If you’re not amused, go check out


Yeah, I hang out with weirdos who dress up like Storm Troopers and Superheroes. There is something ultimately freeing about not giving a fuck about what normal people think of you. My friends are awesome, and if you think we’re childish/stupid/gay, don’t forget the costume babes:


I stole this graphic from some guy trying to sell t-shirts.  Ha.
Hey, as soon as I figure out a way to support myself by being funny on the interwebs, I’ll quit my job. So.. never.


If you think this is gay, FUCK YOU.
The world can be neatly divided into two groups of people: people who think Miatas are girly/gay, and people who have driven one. I’ll be happy to demonstrate, bring clean underwear. Grouped in here would be washing my car and tinkering with my car. I turn my own wrenches, don-cha-know?

Touchin’ it.
Porn, Porn, Porn.
Somebody’s got to. What, you didn’t expect that kind of sad and brutal honesty? What the fuck kind of website did you think you were reading?

Arguing on the Internet.
The internet has enabled millions of idiots to voice their opinions semi-anonymously. It would not be fair to simply accept their drivel without ridiculing them. In the end, however, everybody is retarded.

I also enjoy playing video games and pooping.

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