Speed Limits are revenue generation.

When the Federal Government set up the interstate highway system, some very intelligent folks realized that it was too tempting for mortal men to set speed limits artificially low to enhance revenue. They came up with the 85th percentile rule under the sound assumption that people are generally intelligent enough to drive at a speed that is appropriate for the condition of the road. Do a speed survey, they reasoned, and take the 85th percentile, and set that as the speed limit. (They understood that a minority of drivers will and do drive recklessly, they are the top 15% that remain illegal.) Speed surveys would be done periodically, because as roads were improved or fell into disrepair, or as the technology of automobiles changed, the safe speed may change also. It is a system so flawless in its logic and beautifully simple in its execution that no one could possibly disagree.

Later came the NHTSA, with their partner in crime the IIHS. (In case you didn’t realize it, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is essentially a lobbyist group for insurance companies. And in case you’re daft, they make their money by charging you increased premiums every time you are in a traffic accident, and more importantly, every time you get a speeding ticket. Their lawyers long ago made a science of screwing you when you actually make a claim, so the only remaining way to increase their bottom lines is to have you get more tickets. The IIHS has no fiscal interest in making the roads safer.) Well, the NHTSA and the IIHS convinced your lawmakers that the 85th percentile rule was wrong; that drivers are inherently unsafe, and that only their all-knowing eye could determine safe speed limits. Law Enforcement agencies who liaise with the NHTSA and IIHS were shown how they could make money while making people think the whole scam was making them “safer.” Hell, most of the LEOs doing the dirty work honestly believe they’re increasing safety. Meanwhile, the NHTSA’s propaganda machine has convinced people that when most of the traffic routinely exceeds the speed limit, that its not an inappropriately low speed limit, which would be absolutely logical and reasonable, instead they convince you that for some reason on this stretch of road, people are driven by some unseen evil to wantonly break the law, and they’re probably drinking or doing drugs, too! If only we had MORE cops with a bigger budget to make our roads SAFE again!!!!

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